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Welcome to JorieJane Page to Stage!

Storytelling is such an important part of our world, and Jorie has discovered a passion for writing character-driven stories that foster children's creativity, imagination, love of reading, and play.

JorieJane Page to Stage is a process in which Jorie writes children's novels for young readers which she then turns into short plays for young audiences and performers.

Currently in the works...

Poppy and the Realm of Words is a middle grade novel with the purpose of fostering a love of books in young readers.

The novel is about a young gal named Penelope (Poppy) who is tasked with saving the Realm of Words from being torn out of existence. This realm is home to every book and every character ever written. With the help of some well known literary characters, she must save the Realm of Words, and by doing so save creativity and imagination in our world.

This story transitions seamlessly into a play for young audiences where we meet these same literary characters who will sing and dance on their journey to save the Realm of Words.

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Stay tuned for exciting updates coming your way!

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