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The Secret Garden - A Return to a Most Beloved Show

Performing twice in one season at ACT of Connecticut was a dream, but what made it even more special was that the two shows I got to do with ACT of CT, Guys and Dolls, and The Secret Garden, are my two favorite shows of all time. They are also both special to me because I previously performed in them in very pivotal times in my life.

The Secret Garden was the show I did in my senior year of high school. I played Martha, and it was my first experience of succeeding in getting the role that I desperately set out to get. I didn't know myself well as a performer, and this was an opportunity (a gift) from my director who in years following became mentor and then colleague. This was a special moment. I was set to go to university for Athletic Training and begin a very different path. After The Secret Garden, and probably other experiences within the theatre before this, a month before I arrived at my college, I switched my major to Theatre. This time, at ACT, I played Mrs. Medlock, which was a challenge, and delight to play. The production was GORGEOUS, and the people will to date be one of my favorite groups to work with.

Guys and Dolls was my dream show and Adelaide, my dream role. I got to play Adelaide at Curtain Call theatre in Stamford CT right after I moved back from LA and before moving into the city. This role and this opportunity empowered me to be able to make my move into the city and begin my professional acting career. Forever grateful. At ACT, I had the opportunity to be a hot box dancer (something that I truly thought I would never be considered for at this stage), Agatha, and understudy my beloved Adelaide.


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